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Ankita Roy

Ankita Roy

Hong Kong-based writer Ankita Roy describes herself as the curious type with the best of both worlds. Studying Business has cultivated her engagement in current affairs, while her creative temperament led her to learn more about art, design and fashion. Ankita is also an aspiring globetrotter, an avid reader, a pescartarian, a quotes collector, and a music lover. Ankita is bringing to us insightful stories on the local fashion and culture scene.

Favourite brand / designer?
In general, I am drawn to brands and designers that rejuvenate classic designs with new, unexpected elements. I try not to stick to favourites and keep my eyes open to new, up and coming designers.

Favourite magazine?
With my interests so varied, and with Internet and social media making it so easy to follow articles from a range of different sources, it’s hard to pin down one favourite. If I had to absolutely pick, I would say TIME magazine.

Why fashion interests you?
I love the creative process involved in fashion, and how it shifts from the designers to the respective owners of those pieces over time. I also like the transformative quality of fashion in that it is one of the few things that can instantly boost one’s confidence.

You can’t imagine living without?
Books, desserts and tea/ coffee.

What would you like to bring to WestEast readers?
Fresh perspectives, a sense of humour, and something to think about.




Annachiara Biondi

Annachiara Biondi_low

Annachiara Biondi was born in a little city in the North-East of Italy, between the sea and the hills and full of trees. In 2008 she moved to Venice, where she learnt Chinese and how to survive in a sinking city. After her graduation in Language, Culture and Society of Eastern Asia she found herself in Beijing and fell in love with China. Anna  is currently completing her MA in Fashion Journalism in London, and will be bringing to WestEast fashion stories from this most forward-thinking fashion capital.

Favourite brand / designer: I really like Rodarte and Meadham Kirchhoff, because they are creative and inspiring

Favourite magazine: I’m currently obsessed with Bullett, The New Yorker, Colors and DANSK

Why fashion interests you? Because of its inner contradictions: it is about dreaming as much as it is about reality, it can be self-expression but it can also help you to disguise yourself.

What you can’t imagine living without? Books and coffee

What would you like to bring to WestEast readers? I would like to bring them stories about London, its people and its atmosphere.

Priscilla Lee

Priscilla Lee

Priscilla read Law in England on a scholarship. From the marketing department of Porsche, to Barristers Chambers, solicitors firms, and whatnot, she somehow found her way into WestEast Magazine as Features Editor, and then went on to explore the realms of public relations in a fine dining group. However, Priscilla always chooses to work with things that keep in close contact with her character, which prefers to hold things close to the heart – which she so happens to also wear on her sleeves. As a result of that, Priscilla has found her self comfortably settling into the world of lingerie as the Public Relations and Marketing Manager for La Perla in Hong Kong. Believing in the greater philosophy that when it comes to inspiration there is no I and only WE, Priscilla is a proud member of the WestEast legacy, which forever aims to inspire, as it has been inspired. 

Udo Spreitzenbarth

Udo Spreitzenbarth

After a short career in modeling, German born Udo Spreitzenbarth discovered his love for fashion photography. The architect graduate turned photographer focused his attention on New York City, a place in which he could develop his craft. In his first year, he shot a billboard, which was displayed in Times Square and his career took off. Udo has shot ads for DKNY Jeans, Maybelline, Fubu, Avirex and Mavi. He has captured some of the most celebrated talent around the world including Selma Hayek, Cindy Crawford, Mischa Barton, Leelee Sobieski, Yao Ming, Mary J. Blige, Usher and the list goes on. His editorial work has been featured in and on international editions of Vogue, Harper’s Baazar, Elle, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and our own WestEast Magazine in which Spreitzenbarth photographed the cover story featuring Tyra Banks. In addition, Spreitzenbarth has gained high acclaim for his fine arts photography, which has been featured in several successful solo exhibitions in Berlin, Frankfurt, Shanghai, and Beijing.