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WE Address: Reverie A Girl Can Dream – Real vintage place in town

In an industry over-glorified by many, the endless stream of new collections contribute to nothing more than fads. Rather than fawning over hot looks that retire too fast to remember, real tastemakers are those who see fashion as a mellow brew of aesthetics. Interactions with aged pieces are poetic encounters with real art. And this is what makes Reverie – A Girl Can Dream, a new and very sophisticated vintage boutique in Hong Kong, a pilgrimage destination for fashion lovers.

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WE Curate: The Other Hundred


In the spotlight now is the power of photography, as The Other Hundred, a global initiative to highlight the lives of the humble but significant, unveils its exhibition in Hong Kong later this week. This serves as a counterpoint to the countless rich lists that are constantly making headlines, such as Forbes 100, Bloomberg billionaires, etc. all of which suggest that wealth is the one key to life. The response was overwhelming, with over 12,000 images submitted by amateur and professional photographers from 156 countries. 100 winning photo-stories, which cover 91 countries across 6 continents, will be compiled into a book, and displayed at Pacific Place on October 10-16, 2013.


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WE Neighbourhood: Bird Street, Hong Kong





This street in Hong Kong is the biggest cage to these birds.

They aren’t always chained but they just cannot leave.

Photography by YHO
Published in the Liberty Issue

WE Select: Water Bench changes the cityscape of Mumbai


The impression of a megacity clogged with dust, terrible traffic jams and deafening horns is about to change as sustainability and citizen-friendly designs are popping up in Mumbai. Earlier this week, Mars Architects, a Dutch-Chinese research and design firm based in Shanghai that focused on sustainable architecture and urban planning, unveiled Water Benches now installed in several parks in the Indian metropolis.

WE Appetit: Delicatessen with love by Gabriele Galimberti


Made with love and nutrient-packed, Grandma’s best dish is always a lingering part of our good memories, and our first lesson about our food culture. Photographer Gabriele Galimberti pays homage to all the grandmothers in the world and to their love for good cooking. Continue reading WE Appetit: Delicatessen with love by Gabriele Galimberti