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Tony Li: Orientale Afresh

That he dares, and loves, to clad himself in Scottish attire reveals an unconventional philosophy behind famed Chinese make-up artist Tony Li’s aesthetics. Convention is cliché. Imitation is trite. Li has become one of the most sought-after make-up artists and image consultants in China, with a reach that goes beyond the brush and palette. Continue reading Tony Li: Orientale Afresh

Diva Joan Collins

No one plays bitchy nouveau-riche better than Joan Collins. With a flick of a well-groomed eyebrow, her acerbic wit has brought grown men to their knees, willingly. But on-screen stereotyping aside, the many faces of this iconic actress have intrigued the world over. Continue reading Diva Joan Collins

The Man Behind Desire: Interview with Tim Yip


“Have you ever seen the mountains bathed in shafts of red and interwoven with endless sea of clouds? The bloody red shafts are fiery and lucid, eagerly mirroring the sky. At such a moment, it feels like that we exist in a timeless space. Underneath our feet is the solid earth of history, and above our heads is the lucid red splendor carrying the reflection of the sky. There, no differentiation exists.” — Tim Yip in ‘Rouge: L’art de Tim Yip’ Continue reading The Man Behind Desire: Interview with Tim Yip

Wing Shya: Hong Kong’s Enigma

There is an art to taking photos, which we can all clumsily learn; and then there is photography that opens up a world of iridescent dreams and peculiar fantasies, in which each characters’ emotions are tangible, caught in a momentary standstill. It is this kind of photography that steals our hearts and Wing Shya has made it his forte. Continue reading Wing Shya: Hong Kong’s Enigma