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WE Desire: Piaget Limelight – Juicy, tipsy, delicious

There could only be one word that first comes to your mind when WE talk about Piaget – versatile. The prestigious jewellery house  promises aristocratic charisma, whilst theme-inspired daring, poetic pieces are constantly created in abundance. And the latest Limelight collection, launched in 2009, presents a juicy delicious indulgence for jewellery lovers. 

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WE Chronicle: LUV AJ “Shark Tooth” collection


The animalistic influences started off with the panther, then the gorilla, then the reoccurring motif in fashion trend “guidelines” turned to sharks, with the thrush created by Givenchy’s shark tooth pendant.

Whether you think this is just a fad or a hipster staple of the now, jewellery label LUV AJ came up with a series of shark-tooth inspired bling-a-ling, from the chunky teeth, two-tone metal combinations, bold chains and Swarovski embellished designs. Sure ladies who sport these badass accessories would give you a fist pump, and a nod of excitement when their Instagram account got on the radar.

Wear WE Are: Beyond decorations – new Asian jewellery promised by CSM graduates

The saying that beauty without depth is just decoration – is more like an ancient wisdom outguessed by our ancestors. The use of fancy gemstones and rare metals in those imperial centuries already spoke more than status; the dazzlers never just stand for art – oftentimes they encase historical stories like the legendary He Shi Bi, or beautiful tales like the one about jade and a noble Japanese couple. Enriched by the advancement of civilisation, jewellery to date has reached new heights – and WE are delighted to see this at the recent annual Jewellery Design Degree Show at Central Saint Martins.

With the increasing number of Asian students enrolled by the prestigious institute, every year industry veterans and journalists expect a new wave of talents who redefine the meaning of jewellery in a contemporary context. This year many put to the runway fantastical journeys inspiring the awe out of us.

By Payson Ni (source)

Payson Ni obviously got the key to making great rings: bold, bolder and the boldest. Besides this, she goes back to our Chinese heritage for new sculptural shapes. “Inspired by the stories of traditional Chinese swordmen and women, be obsessed with martial arts, what I am trying to build is an imaginary world combining violence, oriental romantic and fantasy.” she stated; and we see the beauty of bonsai decorations mimicking traditional Chinese towers, rooftops and pavilions standing above fingers.

By Percy Lau (source)

A really promising talent, Percy Lau‘s wonder about how much truism seeing holds evolved to a collection of whimsical shades made of resin and acrylic columns in different shapes, making a wearer try to make sense of what’s in the front differently. Lau reckons jewellery and accessories are the extensions of human’s body and they can broaden people’s understandings of body’s functions. Her other collections, such as ZEE (a collection of wooden eyewear with YKK zips), facial feature-shaped accessories called ‘disORGANize’,’i bite therefore i am’ – a playful ‘denture’ made with colourful artificial nails, reflect what a thinker she is.


By Lin Huang (source)

Lin Huang calls jewellery ‘an object of a relationship between makers and wearers’. “I am interested in human behaviour within daily life where I am keen to express the way in which I see the environment. I want to share the intriguing details I detect through my work and observations on how people interact with objects that could change the use and meaning of it. To create  a communication with viewers where the object acts as a reminder of people, experiences, surroundings, and places.” Her graduate collection does capture the essence of her aesthetic. Made of catchily thin materials – like wires and fine-like-hair threads.

By Natha Khunprasert (source)

Natha Khunprasert from Bangkok does make jewellery that literally vexes you. Named ‘FIngertips’ the collection revolves around the subjects and each piece highlights how a particular part of our body interacts with senses that we oftentimes take for granted – and WE love this idea!

By Wonhung Han (source)

Wonhung Han explores how a straight line cuts into and interrupts the harmony of fluidity. As the designer’s statement goes, “A line is opening a vision and slicing the space. With sudden appearance, line is cutting and interrupting traditional jewellery forms. This collection presents the contrast between dynamic and speedy lines on calculated order. Thorough the collection, the jewellery expresses the pleasurable disharmony with slightly strange appropriateness and creates new balance.” The exploration is sheer artistic, yet the guts to challenge status quo – that of traditional jewellery designer and that usually favours young models – show her true worth.