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WE Curate: Persian Art

Named after a beautiful lady “Aryan”, the vast land of kindness and nobility witnessed changes of time, times of changes. It was meant to be peaceful and harmonious, shining with its glamourous heritage and wisdom. Their Almighty granted them struggles and challenges – inviting foreign powers and internal conflictions onto its world, fighting and rewriting its history and the future. In Iran, stories of the former culture of Persian world are always about everlasting hardships, as if their blood was born and evolved to be militaristic. After fights for a brighter future and freedom, Iran is a place of strength.

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WE Appetit: A Journey From West to East and Back Again

As a Chinese child growing up in 1960s and 70s suburban London, food has always been a curiosity to me. My meals at home were nothing like my school dinners and as for the local ‘Chinese Takeaway’, well, that was as foreign to me as the local ‘Curry House’ or even our local Italian restaurant.

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An American in Kyrgyzstan

At 5am, in a wide open plain on the side of the road, I found myself exiting my taxi to arm wrestle my driver while three of his friends watched on in intense, and not at all amused, fascination. Looking out at the city in the distance, several thoughts passed through my head. Most important was, “they’re going to kill me aren’t they?” but only slightly less prevalent was, “what the hell am I doing here?” Continue reading An American in Kyrgyzstan

Masterpiece along the new Silk Road


International art auction houses are riding on a continued ‘luxeplosion’ along the new Silk Road — China, India, and the Middle East — propped up by local buyers with plenty of moolah untouched by the credit crunch.  Continue reading Masterpiece along the new Silk Road