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WE Curate: Two words. ‘Air pollution’. How would you convey this?

Blindly celebrating vanity and pleasures is a brusque insult to the art of photography – which has always been an important lens to look at history, changes and civilisation. For ideas and thoughts should be elaborated without words, the organiser of WYNG Masters Awards in Hong Kong uttered only one thing as the theme of the year – AIR. Hence these many translations of it by these aspiring Hong Kong photographers.

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WE Ethical: WAN & WONG


Forget about hippy looks in hemp or natural organic. The new eco fashion force is set to inspire the awe out of conventional shoppers. It was a couple of months ago when WE first heard of WAN & WONG – the up and coming eco-fashion label in Hong Kong. After two shows the duo,  Kelvin Wan and Joyce Wong, has finally officially unveiled their debut. 

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WE Chronicle: Barney Cheng for Superga

Product Shot Top View_Barney Cheng x Superga

Renowned Hong Kong-based designer Barney Cheng is spicing up what the locals call ‘whitebait’ – the minimal white canvas sneakers, in collaboration with Superga. The reworked style is the brand’s most celebrated Classic 2750, which will hit Superga flagship store in Hong Kong starting mid-October, 2013.  Continue reading WE Chronicle: Barney Cheng for Superga