Tominaga Ai: Love Interest

tominaga ai

She has fallen for the umpteenth time, a formidable affair considering the high heels she wears add to her already considerable height and as the old adage goes -the taller they are, the harder they fall. But Tominaga Ai doesn’t complain. She springs up to strike the difficult pose yet again for the camera. Continue reading Tominaga Ai: Love Interest

Taiwanese Unique Budaixi


Memory helps to propel humanity forward. Deeply rooted unconscious memories have grown and expanded along with our nervous systems, flowing through our veins to become an  integral part of our lives. Budaixi (Taiwanese puppet theatre) characters like Su Yamun and Opei Leunggun are important parts of the childhood memories of Taiwanese over the age of 30. The cultural heritage of Taiwanese budaixi is etched on the collective consciousness of Taiwanese in much the same way that westerns are etched on the minds of Americans and kung fu movies on the minds of the Chinese.

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