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Blow Up

Photography: Masayuki Ichinose @ Super Sonic management
Styling: Yoshi Miyamasu @ Signo
Model: Sofie Schwensen @ Donna Model
Hair: Tetsuya Yamakata @ Defacto for Mondo artist
Make-up: Ryota Nakamura @ 3rd
Retouching: Yugo Shimada @ Super Sonic management

Published in WE PEOPLE Issue 82, Jan/Feb 2013

Personal Jesus

Photography: Jason Mickle
Styling: Martin Waitt
Hair: Stanley Devaughn
Make-up: Lauren Whitworth
Photography Assistant: Jaymie Nima
Styling Assistants: Barie-Claire Rogers & Carly Marcelli
Models: Will Lewis @ I lOVE Milan, Lejla @ Fusionny, Adam Kenworthy @ Mix, Gianluca Disotto @ Q Models, Erica @ Major, Dustin Kime @ Redcitizen, Patrick Sullivan @ Soul Artist Management, Franco Lopresti @ Click, Sara @ Major

Special thanks to Industria Superstudios, NY and Lacquer Palace, Harlem NY

Published in WE PEOPLE Issue 82, Jan/Feb 2013

Middle East Obsession

Photography: Stefan Giftthaler
Styling: Luca Termine
Hair: Kilian Marin @ Green Apple

Make-up: Claudia Marchetti @ Green Apple
Model: Olivier Langhendries @ Nologomgmt
Special thanks to Cirosac, Milan

Published in WE PEOPLE Issue 81, Dec 2012

Bright Star

Photography: Jacob Sadrak
Styling: Takayuki Sekiya 
Model: Elena Melnik @ Next New York
Hair: Kenshin Asano @ L’Atelier NYC
Make-up: Manami Ishikawa @ Atelier Management
Photography Assistant: Fernando Forero 

Published in WE PEOPLE Issue 80, Nov 2012