WE Select: Design Museum calls Zaha Hadid Designer of the Year 2014

Heydar Aliyev Centre in Baku, Azerbaijan, has brought to eccentric architect Zaha Hadid Design Museum’s Designer of the Year 2014 – the first woman to win this top-notch glory.

Completed in 2012, the award-winning complex comprising a conference hall, gallery and museum features Hadid’s signature elaborate curves and undulations.

“The surface of the Heydar Aliyev Centre’s external plaza rises and folds to define a sequence of public event spaces within; welcoming, embracing and directing visitors throughout the building. It’s an architectural landscape where concepts of seamless spatial flow are made real – creating a whole new kind of civic space of the city.” The architect said on her award-winning piece.


52851f2ee8e44e2225000145_heydar-aliyev-center-zaha-hadid-architects_hac_photo_by_iwan_baan_-9--1000x666 528520aae8e44e2225000148_heydar-aliyev-center-zaha-hadid-architects_hac_photo_by_helene_binet_08-1000x791


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