WE Curate: Josef Fischnaller

16 Isabella von B

Fischnaller fully collapses chronological distance. Much like photographers Vik Muniz, Cindy Sherman or painter Kehinde Wiley, his characters and constructions bring a self-reflective presence to the work and its subjects fusing the delightful luxury of charms and bobbles with the absurdity of motorcycles and cooked spaghetti.  

408Josef Fischnaller was born in Austria in 1964. From his early apprenticeship to photography in Vienna, he moved into photography for high-end fashion, opera and movie stars.

Larger-than-life photographs reference classical paintings such as of Vermeer and Caravaggio without losing sight of the vibrant present.

His photographs rely on the fascinating mutuality of modern absurdity and the ubiquity of art historical cues. Riddle-like in their construction, the saturation of colour, pattern and arrangements they provide humour in its surprises as much as discomforts. Lace, gold and diamonds are convincingly substituted for candy wrappers, Rubix Cubes and ashtrays.

Fischnaller’s work has been exhibited throughout Austria and Germany. He has received the CCA Venus Gold award, the International Andy Award of Montreux Public Interest and the Unicef Cresta Award. Fischnaller currently lives and works in Berlin.

39 Sara 32 Mon Enfant 02 Kurtisane

Fischnaller will be inaugurating Stux Gallery‘ new location in Midtown Manhattan at 24 West 57th Street 6th floor at the New York Gallery Building on Wednesday, April 23rd.



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