WE Ethical: ‘the status quo will kill us’ – Vivienne Westwood

George Clooney and Chris Martin support Vivienne Westwood’s Save the Arctic campaign.

vivienne-westwood-andy-gotts-save-the-arctic-1An advocate of climate revolution, rather than punk, is how the world will celebrate the saga of Vivienne Westwood, who has recently unveiled her Save the Arctic campaign.

The special campaign shot by Andy Gotts stars a line-up of world celebrities in the likes of George Clooney and Chris Martin from Coldplay. The campaign is an example of the shifting priorities of the fashion giant who now would like to shrink her business rather than to expand it. The Dame told The Observer that “I have decided not to expand any more. In fact I want to do the opposite. I am now more interested in quality rather than quantity.

“What I want people to be able to do is to buy well, by first choosing well and then making it last. And I also believe that if everyone wore just a few beautiful things, there would not be such a climate change problem… The status quo will kill us. People don’t realise how quickly we are marching towards a possible mass extinction. Once the global temperature goes up beyond two degrees, you can’t stop it.”

Skeptics may say the celebrity phenomenon is a smart play to appeal shoppers to empty the wallet for this limited edition t-shirt designed by Westwood. But the daring environmental advocate said she wants this collection to raise awareness on the serious issue that deserves more attention than what Greenpeace’s tireless appeal with might and main has received.

If you care to know, besides the rapid warming, insane oil drilling, industrial fishing and out-of-the-blue diplomatic conflicts over the area are some tyrants doing violence to the Arctic. Vivienne Westwood wants to draw your attention to this website.


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