WE Chronicle: The new BALLY men

The word ‘charismatic’ naturally comes as BALLY AW14 menswear campaign grabs our attention.


We may owe huge gratitude to Berluti, which at its ready-to-wear debut upheld the chic of sophistication by dressing men, young and aged, at its first show. But Bally has its own interpretation when it comes to what makes a real man smart-elegant.

The Swiss brand shapes its Autumn/Winter 2014 men’s collection around authentic codes of luxury menswear. ‘Quintessential’ is the word used to describe this full range of collected but very meticulously created apparels and leather goods.

In telling the story of how real men dress to emanate luxury style today, the Bally design team created his ideal wardrobe, using fine fabrics from Japanese, Italian and English mills in sophisticated hues. Classic pieces are tastefully layered for looks with subtle contrast but dandy accents. 










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