WE Desire: Cinta by John Hardy

This latest John Hardy collection represents two breakthroughs – one from the distinctively consistent style of the ethical Bali-inspired jeweller, the other proving that haute joaillerie could be done beautifully the Asian way.  

EGP01403GJDDI-E3531 SSNamed Cinta, meaning ‘love’ in Balinese, the haute joaillerie collection contains truly one-of-a-kind pieces you will never see from all other jewellery houses – for it started with a true story.

Back in 2002, Mr. Hardy asked Head Designer Guy Bedarida to create a special gift for his wife; which soon became a regular tradition, with Guy designing exquisite pieces for John Hardy’s wife to celebrate special moments in their lives. Soon, the brand’s top customers began asking for their own pieces, and John Hardy’s most discerning collection was named “Cinta,” symbolising eternal love and undying romance. Hence this exclusive collection of love emblems designed around a special shell or unusual stone found by Guy on his world travels and then embellished to maximum beauty. Rather than lavishing expensive materials, the jeweller uses a lot of rare natural stones such as moonstones, Swiss blue topaz, blue agate, Tanzanite, lavender jade, green jade and golden pearls.

EGP01296BADI-E3505 SS EGP01346GJDDI-E3514 SS EGP0927SBTBSP-E3350 SS EGP01406GJDDI-E3534 SS


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