WE Chronicle: Paul Smith for Woolmark

Everyone knows Sir Paul Smith has an eye for nice fabrics. The very british designer will introduce tender Merino wool from The Woolmark Company across the Paul Smith Men’s London collections.

The Woolmark Company is no stranger to designer collaborations, and has shook hands with young designers like Richard Nicoll and Jonathan Saunders at London Fashion Week. Merino wool, an Australian product known for its finely crimped and soft texture, will be the highlight of Paul Smith Men’s London collections for SS 14 and AW 14/15, as  the fabric innovator aspires to position Merino wool as a ‘natural, luxury fibre at the top end of the market’.

For his first collection with The Woolmark Company, through the Men’s London collection for SS 14, Paul Smith will focus on the use of Cool Wool. Seven worsted Cool Wool fabrics woven by leading European mills have been selected as the mainstay of the collection. Cool Wool fabrics are made from fine Australian Merino wool fashioned into lightweight fabrics through modern manufacturing and processing techniques. “I have always been a fan of natural fibres, cotton for shirts and wool for the rest, a good staple diet for a fashion designer,” said the designer. “Of course over the years since I started, there has been lots of other new high-tech fabrics that have arrived but I still tend to stick with my wool.”



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