Issue 39 Femme: a tribute to the beauty and power of women


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Digital edition available at ZINIO now

This issue is all about embracing everything femme, from her beauty to her power. Explore the very different interpretations of femininity by renowned photographer Helmut Newton and emerging French collage artist Colette Saint Yves. Explore how feminism provoked some important revolutions in fashion. Malgorzata Dudek finds balance between cruelty-free business and aesthetic. WE believe fashion has the power to make a difference, especially in Africa, where WE discover some promising brands. Amsterdam-based photographer Edel Verzijl and stylist Beatrice Jolly revisit Romanticism, followed by an inspiring translation of beauty and strength by photographer Anja Frers and stylist Oliver Rauh. Let’s explore the world of Donata Wenders, Berlin-based photographerand wife of director/photographer Wim Wenders, before WE visit the studio of Wallace Chan, Asia’s best known jewellery mogul. WE catch up with women that inspire us, including Darlene Love and Amanda Lepore. ND CHOW captures femininity, whilst Kah Poon celebrates the delicate power of women with his black-and-white lens. WE go behind the scenes in the world of brothels, before WE fly straight to New York to meet Jessica Alba, our cover girl and icon of contemporary feminism – a beautiful production by photographer Karl Simone and our US Fashion Director Derek Warburton.

Photographer Masayuki Ichiniose leads us into a cinematic world, whilst Paul de Luna takes us to the wilderness. Because the power of women is immense, WE explore what a pair of delicate hands can bring to the world. WE move on to explore how feminism is changing in different parts of the world. WE dive into the fearless world of the Guerrilla Girls, and explore the life of Muslim women, before we are stunned by the glitz and glamour of Shanghai girls. Conversation time. Raffaella Simone and Emanuela Paciotti discuss contemporary women in our “women on women”, before Kav Lai pays an ode to feminism icon Virginia Woolf. Ty-Ron Mayes met The Blonds, design duo from New York. Be ready to be inspired by a breath-taking editorial by photographer Hironobu Sato. Nothing to do with feminism but the gentleman before Takayuki Seikiya’s lens has the wow factor. Following is a mash-up of feminism and music. Learn a valuable lesson from the sex lives of Cambodian teenage girls. WE top this issue with wisdom from distinctive women. By the last page of the Femme Issue, you would have come across several violently inspiring collages, and they are created by Hong Kong-based feminist/artist Lam Hoi Sin behind sinstuff exclusively for this issue.

Be a happy and strong woman, ladies; and don’t belittle the lady beside you, gentlemen.

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