WE Ethical: Clothing concepts inspired by Japanese architect Tadao Ando


Architects know best what it takes to achieve sustainability; for every piece of their works is a determining factor of a city’s lifestyle, which is what moulds industry to be the biggest greenhouse emission source. It is a delight to see Japanese architect Tadao Ando’s influences on fashion masterminded by Kowtow, fair trade and organic fashion label, for a new collection aptly named ‘The Silent Space’.

“For a long time, many of our consumer habits have appeared to have no consequence.” Kowtow, the New Zealand-based organic fashion advocate states on their website. “It is now quite apparent that there is an imbalance in standards of living throughout the world which is fuelled by the Wests continuing short changing and exploitation of labour markets in the so called third world. We don’t believe anyone who is truly aware of what is going on in the world would want to turn their heads and support a slave trade economy.”

To make things right as much as they can, the Kowtow team sticks with Fairtrade International (FLO)-certified  materials and SKAL International-certified organic cotton with resolute persistence. Taking things to higher ground, they create ultimately minimal and wearable pieces that trends can hardly knock out, like patterned harem pants, layered black dresses and zesty orange cardigans. Of all that a fashion label can do to make a difference, Kowtow seems to have achieved most.

The design team worked on the designs for a year with Tadao as their muse, and is proud to see a sophisticated interpretation of concepts like empty space and nothingness. “Ando’s themes of meditation, peacefulness and Zen is something I strive for in my day-to-day life.” said Gosia Piatek, the brand’s Director.

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