WE Chronicle: Go gN with Stefano Pilati for Ermenegildo Zegna


Here comes a new blog to subscribe – one that represents the gentleman chic Zegna Group, one that communicates the aesthetic and inspirations of creative director Stefano Pilati. 

Amidst a mature social media era, WE have seen designers taking an indirect path to share their everyday life and inspirations with the world via tumblr, instagram and Pinterest, and Gruppo Zegna calls it

a real room set on a virtual platform, with its name as

a tutorial for the correct pronunciation of the group’s two brands – Ermenegildo Zegna Couture and Agnona. 

The latest Internet project realised on the group’s tumblr platform stems from this notion and from the collaboration with Matt Mason, author of the bestseller The Pirate’s Dilemma. “A study of his work makes one thing clear; when there is nothing that you can do that is new, just be yourself. Speak plainly. Stand firm. Respect tradition, even when you change it.” Mason said. “There are many questions. What will Pilati and Zegna mean in the context of each other? The fashion world expects. But Pilati has never been one to meet expectations, preferring to ignore or surpass them. Mr. Pilati will reintroduce himself in a new way, as a prelude to the reintroduction of the two brands he now stands behind.”  

A real milieu, an empty and immaculate room where a real projector, a modern antique object, will project “slides of words,” real words, not computer-created ones. Nouns, verbs and adjectives borrowed from Stefano Pilati’s vocabulary, spoken during the many hours spent working on these new projects that tell of his inspiration. Language “errors” of who is used to working with a pure image and who unconsciously attributes a different meaning to the words even if they are grammatically perfectly.

Mason and Pilati wanted to create a container at once curious and simple. A communications tool able to capture the interest of those people in search of stimuli to let their thought run free, an exercise of simplification of an idea, in the exact same manner indicated in one of the chapters of Mason’s literature work. 

gN won’t be Stefano Pilati’s tumblr, nor will it base its results exclusively on the number of followers or likes. gN wants to address the curiosity of these wondering which direction Pilati will take. gN will be a non-distracting, aseptic ambience where one can concentrate on the words posted by Stefano Pilati in the preparatory phase of his new professional journey within Zegna Group, trying to second-guess what meaning Pilati attributed to the word MATTER or, more simply, abandoning oneself to the sensations evoked by the word MATTER.

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