WE Desire: Anna-Karin Karlsson eyewear

Anna-Karin Karlsson makes sunglasses. More precisely she makes sunglasses that rock. If Alain Mikli is the pope of avant-garde eyewear, Anna-Karin is the priestess that blows one’s mind about where the boundary of eyewear actually is.


Ann-Karin Karlsson makes couture eyewear that glitters, enchants and speaks as much about personality as jewellery and clothing. She was thrown into the highest end of eyewear fashion at 19 after finishing her acting/art degree when she landed a job in the oldest and one of the most renowned opticians in London. Her fascination for sunglasses started as a child when a friend’s mother returned from Florida equipped with 80’s glamour. But it wasn’t until she tried on a pair of Christian Roth sunglasses that this fascination developed into a true passion.

She quickly advanced in the Old Bond street practise and dispensed and designed eyewear for Sultans, Princesses, Kings, Lords, Dukes, Fashionistas – and mere mortals. The men who had their bespoke suits made up on nearby Saville Row would come to the practice to have matching eyewear custom made. The Anna Molinari girls would shop for sunglasses to fit their new outfit. Karlsson was soon working the trade and fashion shows, setting fashions for the fashion forward and learning from the best.

Because music – especially underground music – is a huge part of her life, which is filled with crazy moments of a singer –  her bespoke eyewear has the captivating power of a siren. Vivid like the boundary of eyewear does not exist. And this is why WE desire a pair of Anna-Karin Karlsson.

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