WE Show: YMC @ LC:M

YMC stands for ‘You Must Create’, a slogan Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins were so found of that in 1995 they decide to name their brand after it. In this case though, creation is less about launching passing new trends season after season and more about producing  functional yet innovative designs which are wearable, long lasting and cleverly funny.

According to its ethos, for SS14 YMC  has showcased a mix of precisely tailored outfits, suitable for the city,  and more laid-back holiday looks, with subtle hints to punk and streetwear. Prints were the tool used to add a playful touch to the utilitarian and minimal character of the collection, with oversize spots, flowers, horizontal and vertical stripes , animal prints and checks popping on t-shirts, shorts and jackets. The most interesting looks of the show were the ones with matching prints, like the checked jacket and shorts, all in the tones of indigo, white and light blue and the horizontal striped outfit in black and white.

Pictures courtesy of YMC.

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