WE Ethical: Paper No. 9 Alternative Leather

Design is all about problem solving, and Brooklyn-based Paper No. 9 promises a great alternative to leather, which is loved by all but refused by vegan fashionmongers, with an innovative use of, as the name suggests, paper – with diverse possibilities.

Paper No. 9’s unique material is inspired by kinkarakawakami, a wallcovering developed by 19th century Japanese artisans to mimic gilded leather and displayed in some of the most opulent rooms of Buckingham Palace. In 2008, the duo, Stephanie Joy Benedetto and Rebecca Cole Marshall, developed a process to transform paper into a durable, sewable textile. Free of plastics and complex polymers, this innovative textile is natural, non-toxic, and features a texture and appearance unlike any other fabric on the market.

Originally designed for use in fashion and interior design, the material can be used in a wide array of applications. The creative lab has produced custom colors, textures, and effects for various clients with products ranging from apparel to stationary to bags and other accessories.

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