WE Chronicle: Tactile Comic by Philipp Meyer


Imagine if you were one of the few whom are visually impaired, and haven’t had a fair chance to enjoy the certain joys in life, where your daily routine seems to be more about feeding on information rather than dissecting and predicting outcomes via different vantage points.

One can still be creative in the midst of a pitch black screen, yet sadly the limitation of your thoughts would be that everything becomes fictional, as the majority of experience comes from unrealistic events.

I stumbled upon this tactile comic for the blind, designed by Philipp Meyer, a Berliner that specialises in interactive design. His idea is rather more than what a novel could provide, with an attempt to stimulate participants to interpret the story.

Technically a prototype that could be refined, the concept is undeniably feasible and could be mass-produced right away. To move forward with the project, Meyer’s next step is to create copies for public facilities and to a few who are desperately keen to own an edition.


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