WE Select: Winnie Lamps


It is unsure why the Finland designer Nikolo Kerimov shifted her interest in beehives, which shaped the series of lamps. In my opinion, this could be perceived as more than a play of shape and form, but as an act, a symbol of the diminishing bee population across the globe, with new pesticides linked to mass deaths.

Different from its inspiration, the products are made of ceramic characterised by circular holes, which serve as a vent for the warm honey-coloured light. The insertion of cork-like caps gives an option of the light intensity.

The common factor it has with beehives would be its adaptability and versatility, as like how these mighty workers who live in them copes with the environment, the lamp shares the function, where it could either be showcased as a pendant light or as a lighting element to place on any horizontal surface.

As much as we might be drawn to these attractive light sets, it still would not come into par with the real thing. The importance of beehives and bees is more than what you may know of, as they play a key role in pollination. These little creatures might come off feisty and fierce, what they can produce is somewhat of a phenomenon. Imagine if natural honey became inaccessible in the near future, how many culinary delights would become just recipes. It would be devastation.


Images courtesy of Nikolo Kerimov & Lassi Häkkinen


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