WE Desire: Shoes by Bryan


The shoes by Bryan (Oknyansky) are desirable for they are made by 3D printing. A kind of 3D printing so desirable that it got him a Red Dot Design Product Design Honourable Mention in 2012. Desirable because he does not eye trends or marketing. His eyes are only filled by technology and avant-garde beauty.

The desire is vivid because his artistry is pure. Not bound by any manufacturing complexity or preferences from any manufacturing partners since he has none. All Shoes by Bryan are designed using advanced CAD software, meaning real life data like foot measurements, orthopaedic and ergonomic specifications and materials performance characteristics can be plugged in to the design. The actual shoes are then fabricated using Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and computer numeric controlled machinery (CNC machines), both of which significantly reduce the probability of human errors and manufacturing defects. The end results are “fingerprint” shoes that are maximally comfortable specifically for the person they were designed for.


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