WE Select: Hasselblad’s Lunar Landing

For over half a century, Hasselblad has been endeavouring to make cameras for the global’s top professional photographers, including Neil Armstrong who used the legendary 500EL to capture the first images on the moon’s surface. It’s different, you know it is different. Not only a machine to capture what you see, it’s a piece of art. It’s an Italian-designed camera which is at the same time an ultimate luxury.

Combining cutting-edge technology with a unique custom finish, taking inspiration from the worlds sexiest supercars for its luxurious watches and F1 technology, the Hasselblad team has brought Lunar into existence. As you can tell from its redolent retro appearance, Lunar revives the timeless charm of the 500c through its famous chrome-plated frame. It just looks so smooth and pliable that you couldn’t find any edge on it. Injecting new elements in the production of Lunar, the team never forgets what is deep-rooted in their design. Using handmade wooden prototypes, the Lunar’s specifications are naturally without parallel. What is so distinguishing is the innovative use of materials – five different grip styles. They are all handcrafted from the most luxurious and sensual elements. If you raise your hand for a sexy and minimal look, take the light and resistant carbon fibre one. If you are up for something unique and standing out from the crowd, you’ll like the natural Italian wood one which is available in olive or mahogany.

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