WE Chronicle. Crazy Horse in Hong Kong


Absolutely the best news in town – where the rain just falls forever!

For the first time, the stunning CRAZY HORSE PARIS will seduce Hong Kong audience in September, as one of the stops of their Forever Crazy International Tour, the ultimate cabaret entertainment experience of over six decades. 

On May 19th 1951, Alain Bernardin opens Le Crazy Horse. An avant-garde artist, and passionate admirer of women, he was fascinated by the United States and driven by a single idea: to make artistic creation and women the focus of his club. At that time it featured a succession of racy burlesque routines interspersed with musical or humorous interludes from variety artists. Always more than anything one may call it – a Crazy Horse Paris performance is a sexy but sophisticated avant-garde, a dance show but associated with many world famous artists’ names like Salvador Dalí – whose design ‘Mae West Lips Sofa’ is exclusively Crazy Horse’s, Christian Louboutin (who directed the ground-shaking 3D event film ‘FEU’) Frederick Wiseman who shot the probably most seductive documentary on earth. Noemie Lenoir will be on its stage in Paris this June.

It will greet Hong Kong audience From 11 to 19 September, 2013, at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Grab your saddle now.


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