WE Share: Happy Birthday to W Hong Kong!


W Hong Kong is turning five and they’re sharing the happiness and joy together with Hong Kong people, throwing out luxuriant promotions! From May to August, W Hong Kong presents 5 irresistible packages to celebrate. Make sure you seize the chance and have fun.

Ever dreamt of being a celebrity? Getting all the gazes when you walk and talk? W Hong Kong’s first promotion named Starstruck package hits with 5 A-list benefits to make sure you shimmer in the spotlight. Partnered with the hip American footwear brand PONY International for the first time, W Hong Kong introduces a pair of exclusive sneakers valued up to HKD1,899 for their guests to rock their path. The colourful pattern, sparkling beads and the subtle W silvery logos will surely catch everyone’s eyes. Are you afraid of running out of stocks? Simply hit www.w-hongkong.com/en/wpony5yearanniversary and pick your favourite! From head to toe, W Hong Kong never fails in giving you an all round experience. W guests will be welcomed by an Audi Q7 limousine in the big entrance, then a 65 square metres Fantastic Suite, enjoying the stunning harbour view. Dress up like a Hollywood star more easily with a discounted price at a top fashion brand. Don’t forget your tummy, feed it with the delicious breakfasts at the modern-bistro KITCHEN. All these only cost you HK$5,555 and 10% service charge (originally HK$12,580)!



You definitely need some refreshing pool party in summer, especially in Hong Kong. W Hong Kong is kicking off the most popular and fashionable pool parties from May to September, giving guests a summer blast. GET WET Summer Series 2013 offers you five poolside parties respectively on 18th May, 22nd June, 13th July, 10th August and 14th September, featuring electrifying DJ music, elevated dance performances and deluxe cocktails. With another promotion – the Summer Series: Rockstar package, guests can access one of the five parties as well as party at the Fantastic Suite. A mojito station will be all ready inside the suite. You don’t have to worry about running out of energy to go on for the next day because you will get recharged by a Sunday Brunch in KITCHEN. Continue to rock on WET at a price of HK$5,555 plus 10% service charge only. Instead if you want a good night rest at the Suite, W Hong Kong offers you an alternative with relaxing KITCHEN breakfasts for two – the Summer Series: Party On package at HK$4,555 plus 10% service charge. All things are the same with the Rockstar package except for the brunch.


If all the above aren’t your cup of tea, no worries, you still have the Rock Me Up package, reach out up to 10 friends to enjoy an incredible experience in the enchanting suites. This package is available starting from HK$6,888 plus 10% service charge. It works best for sweets lovers who crave for desserts as it offers a giant chocolate fondue with strawberries, marshmallow and doughnuts. No sweet? Okay, get the Califonia roll party where full of crab rolls, salmon rolls and you name it!

The remaining Anniversary VIPs are coming soon in June and July.
Please stay tuned and have a great time with W Hong Kong!


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