WE Curate: Hong Kong Eye

The exhibition seeks to recast and illuminate significant narratives in Hong Kong contemporary art by presenting key works by 24 emerging and more established artists from Hong Kong. The exhibition will be curated by leading Hong Kong curator Chang Tsong-Zung (John son Chang), co-founder of Hong Kong Eye Serenella Ciclitira, and Nigel Hurst, Chief Executive of the Saatchi Gallery, London.  A key objective of Hong Kong Eye is to foster greater insight and appreciation of Hong Kong art, in Hong Kong and worldwide.This exhibition explores Hong Kong contemporary art and its marked divergence from art of the same period in mainland China. It prompts an exploration on key narratives including: how is new art linked to the beginnings of China’s post-dynastic history; how did colonial modernity shape Hong Kong’s local narrative; and how has Hong Kong’s urban and island environment played a role? It celebrates the richness of the local scene and seeks to stimulate discussion on the Hong Kong art scene.Hong Kong Eye presented by Prudential is a touring exhibition and was launched at the Saatchi Gallery in London in December 2012, receiving close to 200,000 visitors over a five-week period. Significantly expanded for its return to Hong Kong, the exhibition will feature additional artists: KWAN Sheung-Chi, MAP Office, Kingsley NG, Wilson SHIEH, WONG Chung-Yu and Doris WONG. Works on display will range from ink paintings to interactive multimedia installations and large scale sculptures, including pieces that have never before been exhibited in Hong Kong.


Exhibition at ArtisTree
01 May – 31 May, 2013

Exhibition at Clipper Lounge at Mandarin Oriental
06 May – 26 May, 2013


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