WE Desire: The Louis Vuitton Oh Really! Shoe

Photographers: Daemian Smith & Christine Suarez. Model: Amy Hixon. © LOUIS VUITTON

Finding beauty from simplicity is what maestros do. Maestros like Louis Vuitton, art director Emeraude Nicolas and Vanessa Naudin. The staple footwear collection of Louis Vuitton, Oh Really!, never compromises the ultra-sleek design; and the devotion is a notion of dare by itself. What makes the collection even more improbably audacious is the ten photographic interpretations, as the official statement puts it, ‘orchestrated’ by Nicolas in collaboration with Naudin.

The above is a work by Daemian Smith & Christine Suarez preserving the moment of classic in a tranquil black and white realm. David Sawyer peels off all ostentatious additions and puts the limelight back on the pumps with a sense of motion. Emir Eralp‘s is a chant as ethereal as Jean Cocteau’s, entwining divinity and sensibility. Iris Velghn seems to marvel at the beauty of forms and lines. Marjolin de groot strikes the eccentric beauty reminiscent of Guy Bourdin. Mary Rozzi exposes the very intricate layers of the beauty of black with a sense of surrealism. Patricia Schwoerer with the obscure scene leaves a romantic aftertaste, anticipation. Roberto Badin portrays a kind of beauty with power. Last but not least, Thomas Paquet! Heaven on earth.

ultrapointu2_opos-DavidSawyerPhotographer & Post production: David Sawyer @ marasinger.com © LOUIS VUITTON

Photographer Emir Eralp @ marasinger.com © LOUIS VUITTON

Photographer Iris Velghn @opos, Post Production Melanie Bahuon © LOUIS VUITTON

ultrapointu2_opos-MarjolijnDeGroot2Photographer Marjolijn de groot. Model Mikaela Willie. Post Production Charles levy @ cl-prod. © LOUIS VUITTON

ultrapointu2_opos-MaryRozzi1Photographer Mary Rozzi @ opos. Model Volha. © LOUIS VUITTON

ultrapointu2_opos-PatriciaSchwoerer1Photographer Patricia Schwoerer @ Renate Gallois Montbrun & Guillaume Fabiani. © LOUIS VUITTON

ultrapointu2_opos-RobertoBadin1Photographer Roberto Badin @ Trisan Godefroy. © LOUIS VUITTON

ultrapointu2_opos-ThomasPaquet1Photographer Thomas Paquet @ box management. Model Pau Bertolini. © LOUIS VUITTON


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