WE Chronicles: 60 Years of Chloé

Chloe-Windows-3 barneys-window-hair-sculpture

Chloé sure ain’t looking shabby for 60, and what better way to show off that 60’s shine than with an extravagant window display at Madison Avenues, Barneys! The glossy windows have been known to host some of fashions favorites, each display topping the next. With the magic touch of Recine, hairstylist and visual artist, the collaboration with Barneys came to life in the form of an installation, using hair to electrify 5 iconic pieces by former Chloé designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

The combination makes for a bodacious work of art, Recine quoted saying: “Barneys New York Creative Director Dennis Freedman understood very clearly that I view this not as a window, but as an installation. We translated hair into something that has nothing to do with hair. It’s always my starting and inspiration point to create something explosive and interesting, and something for people to stop and stare and look at.”

WE have certainly been wow’d, take a look at the video below for a glimpse of the creative process.


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