Wear WE Are: Candies

Anna Dello Russo_nyfashiontimes_instagram2

Forget your arm parties and collar clips, what your phone wears has now taken center stage! Spotted at Paris Fashion week was Vogue Japan’s style savvy Editor Anna Dello Russo, dangling her chic and super practical chained Cliche case from Candies. We’ve been spotting the Candies crew all over Hong Kong as of late, their hip little mascots and elegant seal stamped cases are adorning Iphone’s, Galaxy note’s and HTC’s alike! Seeing as we’re practically inseparable from our gadgets, why shouldn’t they be dressed to impress? So enough of the boring one-toned covers, and in with their quirky cartoon stylings! WE especially love the nifty chain handle, made for us clumsy fashionista’s who are at risk of letting our phones hit the pavement, problem solved!

i5_steam_black bb42a1d37dceeda7_0642.xxxlarge

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