LFW Chronicles: Jean-Pierre Braganza

Jean-Pierre Braganza A/W13
Jean-Pierre Braganza A/W13

If Braganza had not been a designer, he would have dedicated his life to wizardry, obsessed as he is with cosmic symbols and the occult. Accordingly, his latest collection, Starkonnen, was rich in symbolism and esoteric feeling, depicting an army of powerful and impenetrable women.

  The designer,  honestly admitting to be ‘obsessed with the idea that numbers and geometry have symbolic and cosmic value, with the female being the ultimate cosmic being’, set the show in a fantasy world, were women are undisputed leaders and sensual warriors. Some of the pieces,  including armour-like jackets and sculptured dresses, clearly hinted at Sci-fi while others, as the impressive suit with wide-leg trousers and cut-out jacket, would have suited a potent Wiccan.

 The palette, mainly composed of dark, night-time colours like black and petrol-blue was revived with white and peach details, landscape prints and statement necklaces. Finally, the hairstyle and the belted pieces naturally linked the collection to Samurai style.

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