LFW Chronicles: Belle Sauvage@Fashion Scout

Belle Sauvage A/W13
Belle Sauvage A/W13

Launched in 2008, Belle Sauvage is a relatively young brand, but it has nothing of the lack of confidence usually associated with youth. Chris Neuman and Virginia Ferreira, the designer duo behind it, have created a label with a strong identity, which nevertheless renew itself every season.

 The latest collection,  showcased as part of Fashion Scout at LFW, was a well-balanced combination of their signature, Baroque-inspired prints and bold shapes, creating a sleek-with-a-punch style. Silk mini dresses were embellished with lace hemlines and fringes, while black and red fur were used to create large collars that added a touch of luxury to the most feminine pieces. Leather details, such as peplums and sleeves, rock-up pencil skirts and shirts to achieve a constructed style.

 On the other hand, some outfits clearly adopted a more street-oriented, in-your-face style, including a fur bomber jacket paired up with a black hoodie and skinny leather trousers, and a Puss in boots printed sweater, layered on a long blouse and a pair of matching trousers with lace hemlines. Finally, it is worth to point out the amazing hairstyles: waist-long pigtails, huge, multicolored bangs and fan-shaped headbands which would not have looked out of place on a manga heroine.

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