The Incomparable Carina

The Incomparable Carina

“Sexy’ is not equivalent to ‘sex’. It’s sex appeal that makes a woman a real woman. Not only feminine women can appeal to men, but also brave and ingenuous ones.”

So says Carina Lau, who started her career as an actress in a local TV station in Hong Kong, and is now one of its top movie superstars. She has been nominated for a Best Actress Golden Horse Award 1991 in Taiwan, is an active ambassador for various brands, and is a household name in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Born in Suzhou, China, a city famous for beautiful girls, she always reveals a refined sense of elegance. But deep down inside, she’s also a straightforward and open-minded woman.

Praised by celebrated Parisian artist JonOne as the “Marilyn Monroe of the Orient”, she is always the sexy goddess to audiences’ eyes within the region. “I don’t think I can be compared to Marilyn Monroe because I don’t have the sex appeal as hers. Sexy is a kind of primitive instinct that could captivate others right away. It’s not about one’s appearance, but also your gestures, your voice and facial expressions. Everybody can sense it once you stand out, just like Sophia Loren and, of course, Marilyn Monroe.

“Actually, I’m very boyish, and very straightforward as well. I will speak out whatever is on my mind. I still have a feminine side deep down, of course, but perhaps I just only reveal it in front of the man I really love.”

Every woman might have her Mr Right in mind. For Lau, who will that be? “There is no ideal prototype of a perfect man because I won’t categorise any of them. Different people have different personalities and I think a man could be sexy in his own way. It’s sexy when he’s so concentrated at work, having a sense of humour or being intelligent and confident.”

She has been once the CEO of TV Mart, the first tele-shopping channel in Hong Kong. Her debut in commercial field was actually her greatest challenge. “Yes, it really was! But I regarded it as a great opportunity for me to learn and broaden my horizons. I was once an enterprising person and pushed myself really hard. But now, I prefer sparing more time to enjoy my life and focus on the quality of my work, rather than quantity. I just want to relax and be myself.”

Here, the Divine Ms Lau wears Valentino haute couture as only she can, a vision of a new type of Asian femininity and glamour that we predict we’ll be seeing more of in the years to come.

Text: Venice Lau

Photography: Paul Tsang
Art Direction & Styling: Declan Chan
Make-up: Zing
Hair: Vic Kwan @ Hair Culture
Manicure: Ling @ Nail idé by IL COLPO GROUP
Photography Assistant: Eric
Styling Assistants: Madeleine and Quooi
Make-up Assistant: Kerry
Hair Assistants: Jimmy and Pinky
Guest Model: Carina Lau
Wardrobe: Valentino Haute Couture

Published in Issue 17 EXOTIC